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Security (baggage) checks at all entrances

The Deutsche Messe is conducting security checks at all entrances. This involves examining the contents of all luggage, e.g. handbags, backpacks, trolleys, suitcases, attaché cases and any other bags and containers.

Please accept our apologies for any delays this might cause, particularly during peak periods. This measure is designed to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved, and applies to all trade fairs staged at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

Travel by Train
Main Railway Station Hannover

Hannover Main Station offers all those services that make your stay in Hannover as comfort as possible. From Hannover Main Railway Station you reach the Exhibition Grounds by tram, lines 8 and 18 (entrance NORD 1 and 2). Travel time: approx. 18 minutes.

Direct trains to the exhibition

Direct trains to Hannover Main Station

Travel by Plane

To present a complete and latest flight schedule please visit the website of we link to the websites of Hannover Airport.

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Local Mass Transit
Please be aware that your admission ticket or exhibitor pass is no longer valid for local public transport.

Tram line

From the city centre you reach the Exhibition Grounds by tram line/U-Bahn.

  • Tram line 8 and 18 – Entrance NORD 1 + 2
    From Hannover Main Station via stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Altenbekener Damm, Bothmerstraße Suburban Railway line 8

More information about the local mass transit in Hannover you can find on or on the website of Transport for Lower Saxony and Bremen (EFA).

Travel by Car & Taxi
Parking Information
On the website of the Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung mBH (GfV) you will find all information about parking facilities on the exhibition grounds.

During the exhibition taxis are located at the entrances NORD.The journey from the exhibition centre to the airport takes approx. 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Find carpools for your trip to the fair- go the smart way with TwoGo by SAP .

Hannover Emission Zone
Besides being home to many of the world’s foremost trade fairs, Hannover is also known for its environmental awareness. On 1 January 2008, Hannover joined Berlin and Cologne in an effort to lower the health risks associated with motor vehicle exhaust (especially diesel exhaust particulates) in their respective city centers. To accomplish this, Hannover has established an official “Emission Zone” roughly defined by the expressways (Schnellwege) encircling the city center.
The Emission Zone is indicated by signs reading “Umwelt-Zone”. Only vehicles which meet certain minimum requirements are permitted to enter the Emission Zone. To demonstrate compliance, an official permit (disc-shaped sticker) must be displayed on every vehicle’s windshield.

NUNAV Navigation - Helpful Apps

NUNAV is a navigation system with revolutionary routing. An intelligent swarm algorithm intelligently routes all participating cars according to current and future traffic situations, in the process avoiding traffic jams before they even occur.

NUNAV incorporates the driving recommendation of the traffic management agency from Lower Saxony & Region Hannover and free parking areas at the Hanover Trade Fair Arena. With the NUNAV technology from Graphmasters, drivers receive an individual driving recommendation that is always coordinated with the current traffic situation; always providing you with the most accurate travel time estimation to your destination.

NUNAV always suggests you an ideal route, we do not operate with alternative routes. By using it, NUNAV improves constantly and Smart cities can reduce travel times by up to 25%.

Download Android Download iOS


NUNAV Bus uses the swarm intelligence of NUNAV.

With the NUNAV technology from Graphmasters, everyone receives an individual driving recommendation, which is always coordinated with current and future traffic expectations. This actively avoids traffic jams.

NUNAV Bus is equipped with a dynamic route guidance. NUNAV Bus drivers can directly access all events taking place at the exhibition center of Deutsche Messe AG in Hanover.

Events are very easy to reach and are coordinated with the traffic management agency Lower Saxony & Region Hannover and the current traffic situation and the actual parking capacity at the fair location at the time of arrival!

NUNAV Bus always suggests you your personal and ideal route considering the weight category for buses. Our map material is based on Open Street Map data, so that every user can contribute to make our bus navigation even more precise.

By using it, the system is constantly improving and at the same time allows other participants to maintain ideal routes without users getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Download Android

Download iOS

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