As a public transport company, cleanliness is one of the central issues for ÜSTRA when it comes to the satisfaction of our passengers. That's why we are very pleased that Deutsche Messe AG has given this topic its value with the topic of vehicle cleaning with its own new "Clean Transport" trade fair. Like its cleaning service provider Protec, ÜSTRA will present itself at this new trade fair and is looking forward to a joint exchange between the transport and cleaning sectors. This exchange is needed to make public transport attractive, especially in urban areas.
Clean train and bus stops as well as clean buses and trains ultimately also contribute to a beautiful and clean cityscape, as these are understood and perceived as a public space. That is why ÜSTRA has been intensively involved as a partner in the "Hannover clean" campaign since last year. This initiative on the part of the City of Hannover and its city cleaning unites many different partners from the city, who work together for a more beautiful city. Our claim is, as ÜSTRA, to make our contribution to a beautiful and clean Hannover. As a strong partner of the first hour we support "Hannover clean" with our action bus, which is always on our experience line throughout Hannover as an electric bus, but also with our participation in the Müllmelde app, which is introduced for all of Hannover. Public transport and cleanliness are inseparable. ÜSTRA takes on this responsibility together with its service provider Protec.